Mobile Visual Field Analyzer

The mobile field analyzer is a portable device that can be used to perform perimetry, a systematic measurement of the visual field. While automated perimetry has existed for over 30 years, the technologies used have remained largely the same. Consumer electronics on the other hand, has had phenomenal advancements in the technologies used. The mobile field analyzer changes that. It brings enhanced functionality, smartness and convenience to automated perimetry; just like smartphones brought to conventional telephony.

The mobile field analyzer is a head mounted device simulates the distance and field required for perimetry using a novel optic system used in virtual reality. A calibrated AMOLED display along with spherical projections makes it possible to accurately emulate stimuli in different parts of the visual field.

Tests on the mobile field analyzer are administered using mobile phone or a computer through a peer to peer wireless connection that does not require internet. Results from the tests are uploaded to the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere.

Key benefits of Mobile Autoperimetry over traditional Autoperimetry

Portable & frugal

  • Better comfort for patient
  • Convenient for operator
  • Does not need a separate dark room

Connected to internet

  • Upload, manage and retrieve patient data anytime anywhere
  • Up to date population database that only grows richer over time
  • Over the air updates just like your smart phone

Continuously upgradeable software features!

  • A single smartphone can run a variety of apps. Similarly, this device has the scalability to incorporate many other visual function tests
Perimetry modes possible White on White Perimetry Flicker Perimetry Blue on Yellow Perimetry*
Visual Field Range All central fields (up to 30 degrees)
Test patterns supported 24-2,30-2,10-2
Test strategies Modified ZEST algorithms
Average test time per patient 6-10 minutes
Intervention during test Possible
Eye tracking Available
Background Illumination 9.6 cd/m2
Maximum Stimulation 3200 cd/m2 (size modulated)
Stimulus Size Goldman Size II to Size V
Connectivity WiFi/Bluetooth/4G
Weight 500 gm
Dimensions 170 mm x 150 mm x 120 mm